A Weathered Look In A Modern Facade

Here Adrian Storey, General Manager at Horbury Facades looks at the use of weathered panels to complement industrial and urban environments.

“Demand is high in many industrial towns and urban areas for a façade that creates a more authentic aesthetic that retains a link with the past.  Town planners and specifiers are therefore seeking materials that easily co-ordinate with industrial surroundings, bridging a gap rather than providing a stark contrast between old and new. Over the last couple of years one material has started to grow in prominence as it offers a natural weathered patina which gives it a more sympathetic aesthetic for industrial settings.  Corten Steel is a weathered steel façade that naturally rusts over time, producing a striking oxide finish. This means that the external facade of the building changes appearance quite dramatically in its first few months, before settling into an attractive ‘urban’ feel.

The first time we installed this material was for Sheffield Hallam University and since then we have designed and installed many rainscreen cladding systems with Corten facades on new and redeveloped buildings across the UK. At Sheffield Hallam University, we designed, manufactured and installed Corten rainscreen cladding cassettes and perforated screens to the building’s facade.  It was a complex project and our team worked closely with the architects Bond Bryan of Sheffield to deliver an iconic building within Sheffield Hallam University’s portfolio.

Corten is widely used to complement traditional brick, stone and even glass facades in towns and cities.  The rust creates a natural protective coating that constantly forms allowing the façade to self heal, creating a highly durable and low maintenance surface.  Its benefits include excellent weathering properties, high structural strength, high recycled content and low solar reflectivity.

As awareness of this stunning facade material grows, we are likely to see it being increasingly used across our towns and cities.  We have recently secured a project in Nottingham where we will design and install a rainscreen cladding system with a Corten facade.  Again, this is in a former industrial area and the Corten facade will perfectly complement the traditional build styles nearby.

We are looking forward to continuing to work with architects and developers to create inspirational materials using this stunning material.”

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