Giving Back to the Community: Pepper Street Studio

Alongside Ballymore, Horbury have assisted with the build of a new music studio in Tower Hamlets by donating labour, materials and management. The studio is a community-based project which is run by Sirlute; a non-profit organisation that’s focus is to get young people involved in the music industry.

Now complete, the Pepper Street Studio offers 12-19 year olds the opportunity to express themselves in a safe and secure environment whilst providing affordable sessions to everyday local artists and musicians.

The Story

J’R Josephs is a local artist and Director of Sirlute. His passion is to create opportunities for young people in the community. Tower Hamlets born and raised, J’R set upon his mission on 29th March 2019 to transform the top floor of an old office building into a creative and safe space to host music sessions.

Running into budget issues early in the build, J’R was sourcing odd bits of materials from different places to piece together his vision. A five-minute walk away in Canary Wharf, J’R stumbled upon Wardian - a £187m residential development by Ballymore where Horbury are working as the drylining contractor - hoping to source timber for his project.

After hearing the vision, Ballymore coordinated with trade contractors on their existing site in order to generate interest and help J’R deliver his dream. Collectively, the Wardian project team not only agreed to donate the materials but to assist the build process by offering their construction expertise to complete the refurbishment.

Horbury were responsible for the design, supply and installation of wall partitions and decoration to provide a Production Room, Sound Booth and a Break-Out Room for live sessions. Now complete, Pepper Street has been transformed from a once dull, character-less office into a colourful and creative space; ready for Sirlute’s journey to create opportunities and give back to the local community.

For further information about Pepper Street Studio or Sirlute, please contact or visit:

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