High gloss helps facades shine bright

Here Adrian Storey, General Manager at Horbury Facades, looks at the trend towards high gloss rainscreen cladding in our towns and cities.

“The most important aspect of any architectural façade’s design, once performance and safety criteria have been met, is the building’s aesthetics. The choice of façade material can have a huge impact on the overall visual impact of a building simply because it is the first thing that people see.

With a multitude of materials and finishes to choose from, architects and designers are better equipped than ever before to create striking cityscapes.

It may come as little surprise that high gloss cladding is a current trend in facades. Popular for many years in kitchen and interior design, the sleek, gloss, mirrored, polished or reflective look has now been extended to exteriors.

The trend for high gloss has required a significant amount of development in materials, leading to panels, such as Alucobond A2 in sparkling black metallic, that provide both aesthetics and performance to withstand the rigours of the outside elements. These high gloss materials are available in a huge range of colours and different levels of gloss finishes that creates a striking aesthetic that reflects its surroundings in intriguing detail. This is a look that holds widespread appeal in dynamic towns and cities that are seeking to create a modern, contemporary image. It is the arrangement of these architectural panels, with often complex designs for coloured panels that creates a vibrant façade.

When high gloss panels are specified, it is normally required that the structure retains a smooth uninterrupted surface. This is made possible due to innovations in concealed fixing systems, or what is more commonly known as ‘secret fix’ methods. These methods of fixing panels to the exterior of a building in a discrete way, help to enhance the aesthetics, by creating a seamless appearance. Adjustment in these fixing system enables panels to be aligned in all three dimensions, maintaining sightlines and minimising distortions in the overall reflective surface.

We have recently secured a student accommodation project in Manchester that will feature a rainscreen cladding system with a high gloss façade. This is part of a new multi-phase development that will house a number of modern buildings, which the high gloss panels will complement perfectly.

As these high gloss panels continue to appeal to specifiers and developers, it means the buildings of the future will feature smooth, sheer facades that create a dramatic new cityscape that both reflect and contrast with its surroundings."

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