Horbury Launches Response to Mental Health!

Trevor Wragg - "I am sure we have all at some stage had to deal with mental health issues, either personally or alongside a family member, friend or colleague. As a society, there is a broadening in our understanding of these issues, and as an industry, it is now something that is being recognised and talked about more openly. Indeed, it is well publicised that there are more suicides in construction personnel than there are fatal accidents at work.

At Horbury, we are not exempt or immune to these issues. We work in a stressful and at times confrontational industry, coupled with the incessant pressure of email and social media bombarding us continually, not to mention our family and personal lives. We have all the ingredients necessary to create mental health issues.

So as a business I believe we have a duty to raise awareness and make sure we do what we can to recognise and help when these issues arise. For many years we have successfully invested substantial resources in advancing our Health and Safety performance, this, therefore, becomes another strand of those endeavours. The same basic logic applies, our staff are our most valuable asset and in many cases our friends, so it is our moral duty to protect them, quite apart from any regulatory obligation we may have."

We have trained 7 of our staff as Mental Health First Aiders and they are now further developing our plans to monitor and improve wellbeing in our workplace. Key to this will be our ongoing support of and from Mates in Mind which was confirmed on 1 May 2019. Various support is being rolled out to all of our UK sites over the summer months.

Latest Case Study

3 out of 5 employees experience mental health issues because of work, we believe this needs to change. Mates in Mind is a leading UK charity that is changing the conversation around mental health at work. We do this by providing employers the skills, clarity and confidence to raise awareness, improve understanding and address the stigma around mental health in the workplace.

Working alongside our partners, sector leaders and a growing community of Supporters, our work is delivering effective change across construction, related industries and more widely. Importantly, our approach enables individuals to understand how, when and where they can get support. You can be part of the action. Be a mate. Be the change.



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