RONM Award

The March RONM Award has gone to Ilya Yordanov who is a member of the logistics team at Alperton Bus Garage project in London.

Ilya has been using the RONM system to report incidents he witnesses and on this occasion he spotted a contractor using a low quality pallet ruck and struggling with a pallet of blocks. As the contractor struggled with the equipment and the load, the pallet collapsed and the block fell to the floor fortunately missing the operatives trying to move the load. Not only did Ilya use the RONM system to record the incident he also found the contractors supervisor to inform them about the incident and how the blocks could have been moved safely using a break assisted pallet truck like Titan Interior Solutions use on this project.

Ilya is very experienced in moving materials and has worked for us for many years now, he has a very positive attitude to health and safety and a valuable member the site team. His reaction to the incident and wiliness to help another contractor work more safely by providing examples can only have a positive impact and improve health and safety at on the Alperton project. The RONM system is designed to help and encourage site personnel to identify and report potential dangerous occurrences to prevent the possibly of an accident and injury, Ilya made a excellent contribution here. Well done to Ilya.

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