Why You Should Choose an Experienced Installation Company

General Manager at Horbury Facades, Adrian Storey, looks at the importance of choosing an experienced and reputable rainscreen installation company.

What are the benefits of installing a rainscreen cladding system?

Rainscreen cladding systems are specified for a number of reasons, but principally, because they protect the outer wall of the building from moisture. Rainscreen cladding systems can be specified with insulation to improve the building’s thermal performance. This can avoid taking up valuable space inside the building because it is fitted to the outer substrate wall, before being covered with a breathable membrane. In many other cases rainscreen cladding is also specified because it is a low maintenance, cost effective method of giving a new or existing building greater contemporary appeal, with panels ranging from copper, copper alloys, corten, through to timber and fibre cement, all in a vast range of colours.

Rainscreen cladding is usually supported by an aluminium framing system that is located within the cavity and anchored back to the structure with brackets and primary fixings. This frame is integral to creating the rear ventilated cavity, with a variety of structural options and bespoke sized brackets available. It is recommended that this cavity offset is a minimum 38mm to create the ventilated cavity and ensure adequate air flow for drainage and ventilation.

The cavity provides an important function because it allows ingress of air at the bottom of the cladding and egress at the top. The top of the cladding is also usually baffled to avoid rain entry. Any moisture from windblown rain, or condensation caused by changes in temperature of the cavity through the breathing process of the building, are expelled from the rainscreen cladding system as the updraft of air flows through. So in all cases the masonry wall is kept dry. The single most useful benefit, therefore, of rainscreen cladding is that the majority of the rain is stopped before it reaches the outer face of the building and the inner wall.

Why is it important to use an experienced installation company?

Due to the intricacy of some designs and building structures, as well as the strict building regulations, rainscreen installation is a highly specialised job. An expert installation partner will have full knowledge of these regulations and fixing techniques and be able to install the system accordingly. We often begin working on rainscreen cladding projects at the design stage, helping building designers create a specification that will meet all the relevant regulations as well as the client’s brief.

Factors to take into account when specifying rainscreen cladding include Approved Document A – structure, Approved Document B – fire performance and Approved Document L - thermal performance. Depending on project specific requirements, Approved Document E – acoustic performance may also be a requirement if the development is near an airport or busy road.

The Centre for Window and Cladding Technology has also developed a performance standard for the weather-tightness of building envelopes. This is more stringent than Building Regulations, in some cases, and covers airtightness, impact resistance, water-tightness and wind resistance.

An experienced installation specialist, like Horbury Facades, will work in partnership with the architect and developer to ensure the rainscreen cladding system is detailed and installed to meet performance and aesthetic requirements

What are the benefits of using a single façade contractor, like Horbury Facades, to take care of the whole project?

Many main contractors and developers are choosing to partner with a specialist facade contractor that can take care of the detailing, scheduling and installation for the chosen cladding system. This ensures better project outcomes because the architect and main contractor are involved at all stages of the process.

Choosing to appoint a single façade contractor means they will have control over the entire project. They can therefore ensure that the installation meets with the main contractor’s and their own quality assurance checks at every stage.

At Horbury Facades we pride ourselves on our robust QA audits; by managing the full installation from start to finish we can ensure all regulations and our own high standards of quality are met at every point. This includes, for example, making sure that there are adequate fire barriers around all penetrations, including ducting to door or window openings and at floor levels and other compartment lines.

We also offer a variety of services, including installation of the fixing system as well as the façade. In addition as we are part of the Horbury Group, we can provide a full through-wall and internal system, which is unique in this industry. We are also able to provide regular inspections, cleaning and maintenance, which includes written records, to ensure that your façade stays looking as good as new.

Why should I choose Horbury Facades?

We can schedule and manage the entire installation of architectural wall envelope schemes, roofing, cladding, complete through-wall systems and load-bearing light steel structures. We are also a fully accredited ISO9001:2008 company with an excellent reputation for the quality of the products we use and our services.

We can also offer a full installation and aftercare service and as we all have experience of working with a range of materials, our highly skilled team of professional installers can handle any medium to large size project. In addition, as we are a part of the Horbury Group, we can provide the best quality construction solutions to developers, building owners and main contractors.

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